Spotted knapweed (Centaurea stoebe subsp. micranthos)

If you see this plant contact your council weeds officer, the NSW Invasive Plants & Animals Enquiry Line 1800 680 244 or email



Knapweeds are not readily eaten by livestock and compete with useful pastures, possibly with alleleopathic effects (whereby they produce chemicals to suppress the growth of other plants) that reduce the carrying capacity of the land.


Only one infestation of spotted knapweed has been known to occur in Australia in the ACT, which is now controlled.

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Herbicide options

Contact your local council weeds officer for control advice for Spotted knapweed (Centaurea stoebe subsp. micranthos).

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Legal requirements

The content provided here is for information purposes only and is taken from the Noxious Weeds (Weed Control) Order 2014 published in the NSW Government Gazette, detailing weeds declared noxious in New South Wales, Australia, under the Noxious Weeds Act 1993. The Order lists the weed names, the control class and the control requirements for each species declared in a Local Control Authority area.

Area Class Legal requirements
All of NSW 1 State Prohibited Weed
The plant must be eradicated from the land and that land must be kept free of the plant

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Reviewed 2014