King orchid (Dendrobium speciosum)

Also known as: rock lily, Sydney rock orchid



King orchid is a native species of NSW, however, Lord Howe Island is outside of its native range. This species is declared on Lord Howe Island in order to protect the island's unique World Heritage Listed ecosystem. 


The Rock Lily is an orchid that has succulent spreading stemps thickest near the base and tapering markedly towards the top. Its roots are smooth and creeping and its leaves are smooth and leathery. Beautiful flower spikes appear in August through to October and contain 20-115 light yellow flowers.

References (2014). Dendrobium speciosum - Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust - Sydney, Australia. Available at: Accessed 25 Nov. 2014.

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Herbicide options

Contact your local council weeds officer for control advice for King orchid (Dendrobium speciosum).

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Legal requirements

The content provided here is for information purposes only and is taken from the Noxious Weeds Act 1993.

Area Class Legal requirements
Lord Howe Island 3 Regionally Controlled Weed
The plant must be fully and continuously suppressed and destroyed

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For technical advice and assistance with identification please contact your local council weeds officer.
For further information call the NSW Invasive Plants and Animals Enquiry Line on 1800 680 244 or send an email to

Reviewed 2014